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Director of Abundance

Salary: $165,000 – $175,000

In 2020, philanthropies responded to the disproportionate impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Black communities coupled with subsequent racial injustices (including the very public and tragic murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis) with a litany of statements expressing solidarity with Black communities. As the national conversation about race and investments in racial justice begin to wane, it’s unclear whether recent efforts will continue, or lead to long-term structural and sustained change in how philanthropy builds reciprocal and supportive relationships with Black communities. We believe this shift is possible with sustained focus and large-scale collaborations that put Black joy, power, and resilience at the center of all conversations about philanthropy. Hence, the creation of Abundance.

Abundance is a movement to free mindsets, dollars, policies and practices to build pro-Black culture in philanthropy. It is how philanthropy moves resources when it really loves Black  people. Abundance requires sharing wealth differently and transforming philanthropy’s traditional power relationships. The goal is to ensure  long-term and equitable distribution to Black-led and centered organizations.

The Abundance Director is charged with helping fulfill the mission of Abundance, which is to create the conditions within the philanthropic world that will dismantle practices, policies and mindsets that  stifle Black abundance.

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