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SEEKING TO FILL 2 POSITIONS FOR POLK BROS FOUNDATION –  Polk Bros Foundation is seeking to fill 2 positions: 1) PROGRAM OFFICER and a 2) SR PROGRAM OFFICER. We encourage interested parties to apply early as the Foundation anticipates filling the 2 positions in late July. We seek subject-matter experts, for these 2 Chicago-based opportunities, in one or more of the following three areas:

Housing Affordability, including knowledge of community-led and innovative programs, practices, and policies that can increase the supply of and access to affordable rental housing and home ownership in disinvested communities and communities of color, and decrease barriers that perpetuate racial and ethnic gaps. (Note: knowledge of approaches to addressing homelessness is a plus, but another, current Foundation program officer will be primarily responsible for this area.)

Education, including knowledge of proven methods and policies to accelerate student learning especially for students from historically or currently marginalized groups, foster connectedness to school, and improve school climate and school leadership in the K-12 system and/or approaches and policies to improve college and post-secondary affordability, access, success, and connections to pathways into jobs with career progression.

Community Violence Prevention, including knowledge of community-led and innovative solutions to reducing gun violence and gun violence involvement, especially by those at highest risk; increasing community safety; and cross-sector approaches that can address cycles of violence within families and communities.

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