Member Op-Ed: Let’s invest in black women

Kristen Mack, MacArthur Foundation

From “Let’s invest in black women,” featured in Crain’s Chicago Business

“To be sure, black women need allies and supporters. This work can be isolating, and it requires an investment—be it time, mentorship, or money—in their vision. One group of allies is the Partnership for Safe & Peaceful Communities, a coalition of more than 40 foundations and funders focused on reducing Chicago’s gun violence. It supports grassroots organizations to foster stronger community bonds, crowd out violence, and promote constructive engagement with law enforcement.

“In the tradition of black feminism these funders have come together to advance a shared agenda. They are aligning their resources, committing more than $75 million to date, to support community-led organizations that are on the ground doing lifesaving and life-affirming work every day…”

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