the soul of philanthropy

black giving from generation to generation

Since its launch during Black History Month in 2015, the acclaimed and groundbreaking Giving Back: The Soul of Philanthropy Reframed and Exhibited has captivated visitors across the country with its comprehensive, multimedia presentation of stories of centuries-old generosity among Americans of African descent.

Appealing to diverse and multi-generational audiences, the exhibit debuted in Chicago during Black Philanthropy Month, August 2022. The exhibit will return to Chicago and run from February through April 2023 at the Chicago Cultural Center, 78 E. Washington St.

Talks, panel discussions, and public forums accompany the exhibition. In cities such as Cleveland and Charlotte, The Soul of Philanthropy has been an incubator and an activator of knowledge and connection—driving a lasting shift in understanding of the role of African Americans in philanthropy and changing the face of giving in these communities.

To learn more, visit the Chicago Soul of Philanthropy website: